Chrome Stress

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Chrome Stress

In the Top End Barra Series, it’ a bit like the days in life, the rounds follow each other but don’t all look alike. The first round of 2019 was a chrome overload, the second one was more on the chrome stress side of things. Very low level of water on the mighty Daly River, made her a bit of a vixen to fish. The recent rains made the river incredibly dirty, which limited trolling and the drains were competitive, over fished pieces of real estate.  Although many found it hard, some stood up to the test and came back with well-deserved glory. As after all, to win without challenge, doesn’t warrant much praise.

Saturday was hot and slow for most. With boats passing each other and lamenting on the lack of fish. Or even worse, that they could see on the sounder as many as 30 big fish on a short troll run, but that pass after pass, none of them wanted to take a lure. By the end of the day, the murmurs on the river was that only a handful of fish had been boated, and a few of the TEBS participants, decided that a raft up was the only sane thing to do at this point in time.

During the night, boofing all around the boat woke many up .On three separate occasion, my skipper and I got up and flicked lures for long stretches of time sadly without any success. Fish were all around and feeding aggressively, but staying way clear of our lures. The mozzies on the other hand, found us without a problem, and were even more ferocious than the barramundi. Oh what a night!

By Sunday morning, many had decided to call it quits and the car park was steadily emptying. A few stayed on and had revenge. Over the weekend, only 71 barramundi reached point scoring length and this round will be remembered as one of the more challenging.

Usually fisherfolk who venture to the Daly, do so with the expectation of finding one or more, large silver Barra mamas… Well the biggest one of the round was an 86 cm specimen hooked by Darren Heaven. A beautiful fish, yet still so far from the magic meter mark. In relative terms, it was more valuable than a Shady meterie, given the overall appalling stats. But what was a much more common size to land was the dreaded 49cm fish. To the extent that a few boats joked between themselves about the 49s Club, and how many 49s each had amassed for their Facebook albums. As a comparison, the first round of the 2019 TEBS at Shady Camp had someone with a bag of five fish at 46th place on the scoreboard. In the second round, only the top four competitors got a full bag…

It seemed that small soft plastic lures where the go to catch fish this year. Was it due to the poor wet season and the small size of the bait in the river? Some have commented that most of the fish they caught were very lean and looked rather hungry. Talking techniques, Clayton Archbold and Sonia Barnes impressed the competition, using their Garmin 8410 SSV Panoptics Telescope (supplied by Frenchy’s Marine). The pair used the s


ounder, to find active fish in the upper reaches of the Daly, place vibes in the strike zone for however long it took to entice a bite. Incredible…

In the third place came Kevin Bochow, with a bag of 54, 55, 60, 72 and 74cm. He caught all his fish on the ever reliable Reidy’s vibe. In tied first place, we had Clayton Archbold whose fish were 55, 61, 66, 74 and 79. Also in first place, we find the ever consistent Peter Cooper, last year Grand Champion, who looks like he will not give back his crown without a fight. Peter’s bag got filled with barramundi at 63, 65, 68, 68 and 72. Peter caught all his fish on rubber during the daytime. He fished the lower part of the Daly and only found a small bite window at high tide each day. Congratulations…

Well done to everybody who caught a fish and those that persisted and refused to give up. If the fishing gods were not on your side on the weekend, remember, rounds follow each other but don’t all look the same.

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Round 1 – Chrome Overload.

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Round 1 – Chrome Overload.

Last weekend was the first round of the 2019 Top End Barra Series. About 110 very keen anglers were waiting with growing impatience, just like small children long for Christmas. It finally happened last weekend with competitors converging on Shady Camp, like an annual pilgrimage.

Craig Grose 103

Once again, Shady didn’t disappoint, with a large number of big, Mama Barra falling to the lures of enthusiastic anglers. Participants in the TEBS were fishing far and wide, from Tommy Cutt all the way up to the Wildman. Anglers appreciated the opportunities to spread out throughout the lower Mary System. The range and quantity of data collected by TEBSies is a great way to assess the health of the system. Despite the lack of rain this year, there is no doubt that the system is still producing the goods.

Kell Shipp 104

Some had launched on the Friday to have the opportunity of a first raft up, or simply to pre-fish and find their honey hole. As a matter of fact, on one of these pre-fish escapades, Craig Latimore nailed a 116cm Barramundi. Not only is that a great fish which could have given an awesome fight on any given day… it was foul hooked, not very far from the end tail making it all the more challenging. Now, imagine trying to reel in a 116 cm Barramundi that you can’t turn around… Now from what I heard about raft ups, well what happens on a boat stays on a boat. But let me say that one well know Tebsie came all the way from NSW to be part of them and has since returned down south, hopefully not too impaired from the experience.

Craig Latimore 116 (Prefish)

Talking about the nights slumbering aboard cherished vessels, competitors need a quick reminder to be ‘crocwise’. Rossco had a lizard spending the night either removing barnacles from its back or hoping to tenderize its dinner. Tim Bloch also had bit of a shock when going to answer a call of nature, at night, only to find a crocodile resting his head on the back pontoon.

The fishing seemed to be better all across the board on the Saturday than on the Sunday, apart from a few exceptions. Most of the fish were caught on big lures, with the large Reidy’s and Classic models doing most of the damage. In place like the mouth of Sampan and Tommy Cutt, it was at times difficult to get passed the plagues of threadfin. While they are great fun to catch, they are not the sort after prize and are sensitive about mediocre methods of catch and release.

When it comes to the winners for this first round of the year, here is an interesting little fact which might make one place a hot spot next year… The top five anglers for the round were all fishing in the vicinity of the Wildman. They might still be debating if it was better to fast troll or slow troll, but they were all there. Of the first three, there was one fish registered under 90cm (89). To understand the quality of the fishing over the weekend, you have to realise that Wade Johnson, who caught two meteries and two solid kickers, only arrive in forth position… which is frankly ridiculous. Wade, we’d feel sorry for you but it is impossible to sympathise with someone who just put two dollars in the piggy bank. It was an incredible weekend, with possibly the largest collective score in the history of our competition.

Wade Johnston meterie No#2

Before we chat about final placing, we’d also like to share the fact the Chris Armstrong a newbie to our competition took out the biggest fish for the round at 109cm and significantly upgraded his PB. Fantastic effort mate! There were five meteries caught in total, well done to each of the skilled anglers: Kell Ship, Wade Johnston (2), Craig Grose & Chris Armstrong.  In third place for the round, we had Tim Bloch with a bag of 91, 91, 92, 92 and 93 cm. Now this is what I would call consistency. Coming second for the round was our reigning champion for 2018, Peter Cooper, with a bag of 90, 90, 91, 92 and 97 cm. It is worth noting that Peter was also fishing solo, which is a tremendous effort. The winner of the round was none other than the Shady Camp specialist himself, Craig Latimore, with a full bag of 89, 91, 93, 96 and 96cm… I don’t know about you, but for me that is definitively a weekend to be remembered. Congratulations Lats!

Chris Armstrong (Tebs Virgin/Biggest Barra) 109

All eyes now turn from one favourite haunt to another. Will the Daly surprise us and deliver the goods or will it be the usual test of endurance which knocks many off their pedestals?

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The Sixth and Final Round for the 2018 Top End Barra Series.

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The Sixth and Final Round for the 2018 Top End Barra Series.

The sixth and final round of this year’s series was eagerly awaited by many. It was the round that would crown this year’s champion and crush the hearts of many. Well it did not disappoint, with joy and tales of the big ones that got away, it had it all.

Weather wise, it was nice and warm, or as other like to say, Bloody Hot! But luck was still on the side of the TEBS participants, as no big storm came to ruin the weekend. A bit of breeze and a drizzle of rain on Saturday was even a welcome refreshment for sweaty anglers. This round I also witnessed one of the biggest raft for the year, well and truly in the TEBS spirit.

From what I heard, the three Wilkshires creeks and The Narrows were the places to be. Only a handful of fish came in from Leader’s Creek and Saltwater Arm. Lots of fish were caught trolling hard bodies, but one team got lucky by dropping large soft plastic lures on schools of fish that were on the bottom and didn’t respond to the trolled lures. Proving once again that adaptation is the key to success.

About the big fish during this very round… I have seen with my own eyes, a lure owned by Chris Rutishauser that had the tail  anchor torn out the back of it… Easy to guess that this hardware failure allowed a trophy fish to escape. Another team who found the big ones was Tim Morgan and his young daughter Hannah. They had a great start to the weekend with the first trawl producing a double hook up with the fish coming in at 78 and 82 cm. Not a bad pair…and then as if this wasn’t enough, they hit a purple patch from here on and Tim plucked a 101 cm Barra from the Narrows, the biggest fish for the round. He nearly fell in the drink when his daughter hit the throttle with a bit too much enthusiasm, trying to regain some line, as his reel was almost spooled. Yet in the end the beast was netted, boated, photographed and measured before being carefully released. Well done. Dwight Shepherd had a worthy catch too, snagging a 92 cm fish, at Leaders on a Reidy’s Judge in TEBS Green, proof that the TEBS lure works.

Now for the fishing nerds among us, who love statistics: 89 scoring barramundi were caught over the weekend. 21 in the 70 cm range, 11 in the 80 cm range, 1 in the 90 cm range. and one in the 100 cm range. This is about a third of the catch being at 70 cm or over, which is a really good ratio of mature fish.

The third place winner for the round was Kai Argent with a 58, 62, 71, 77 and 82 cm Barra. Coming second, was Tim Morgan with a 78, 82 and 101 cm fish and the winner of the round was Peter Cooper with a full and very consistent bag of 73, 75, 76, 78 and 81 cm fish. An impressive round result once again helped ‘Cuddles’ retain the lead and be crowned once again the series champion. Congratulations!

Being the last round of the year, we would also like to congratulate the 2018 Series top ten (no easy feat):

  1. Peter Cooper
  2. Simon Bochow
  3. Shane Moon
  4. Kai Argent
  5. Kel Shipp
  6. James  Mitchell
  7. Wade Johnstone
  8. James Park
  9. Josh Scanlon
  10. Dwight Shepherd

Thank you to all the participants, volunteers and obviously Rossco, who have put in the hours and effort in this 7th year of the Top End Barra Series to make it special. We are also truly grateful of our supportive and generous sponsors.

The date and location for the final presentation will be advised in the coming weeks. We look forward now to next year and the 8th edition of your favourite social fishing tournament. If you are like me, it will be a long wait for it all to start over again! Salute, Regis


Round 6 (confirmed results):

2018 Series (confirmed results):


(Reminder: Entry forms for 2019 are now overdue and the Bigfish order will be placed shortly)

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Round 2 – 2018 Top End Barra Series – Daly River

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Round 2 – 2018 Top End Barra Series – Daly River

As it has now become tradition, the second round of the Top End Barra Series took place on the mighty Daly River. A river full of obstacles (like other boats and propellers traps), but also full of promises. A place where the damage can be as big as the rewards… On the Daly everybody dreams of catching a metery. So let’s get this out of the way, this year no one did catch one during the competition hours… but congratulations to Daniel Hulbert, who joins the metre club, landing a 1.02 meter barramundi on Friday night. Well done on the incredible feat, albeit a fraction premature…

It was a round full of surprises and interesting anecdotes… here are a few:

Kai Argent for example, began his weekend with a flat battery, a faulty sounder and shortly after setting off two broken fishing rods. Nonetheless, he still managed to find the fish and finish in a respectable seventh position. Top ten in these condition, in anyone’s book, is an achievement.


On Saturday, the weather was hot, and the rain nearly absent, but the night was fresh enough to permit a good night’s sleep even to those aboard their boats. Simon Bochow on the other hand, who thinks sleep is over-rated, cleaned up from the banks of Bamboo. Amidst the sounds crocodiles, buffaloes and dingos, he could clearly make out a much more heart-warming sound… The sound of two burnt out competitors, who’d fallen into a deep slumber, missed the bite window and were loudly snoring throughout all the chaos that unfolded for the dedicated. A feat that deservingly acquired Simon third place.

An incredible tale, worthy of a mention was a 77cm barramundi that apparently took a lure that was not even in the water. Peter Cooper, who was about to cast at the mouth of Elizabeth, received an incredible shock when apparently this fish launched itself from the water and snatched his lure which was suspended mid-air above the water’s edge.

Evan Dixon got his biggest barramundi for the round also with an interesting technique… While enjoying a sanger sandwich with one hand, he was static fizzing against the current with the other when an 82cm fish exploded in the darkness. The technique coined ‘stizzing’ apparently isn’t the only one mastered by this angler, apparently he has caught the odd fish ‘whizz-fizzing’ but we will leave that story for another day.

On the topic of lures, barra throughout round two were caught on many different lures, from the traditional Classics, Bombers and B52 in various sizes through to traditional soft plastic and vibes. I personally found some success with a double tailed minnow imported from the motherland (France) and gave over 25 different lures a swim. Other competitors like Mark Grosser stayed faithful to their favourites and caught all their point scoring fish on the one lure, which in his case was a silver Classic +3.

It is said that the world belongs to those that rise early, but those who stayed up late seemed to do all the partying over the weekend. So for this very round we have in second place: Simon Bochow with a bag of 71, 74, 76, 78 and 81cm Barramundi; and first was Peter Cooper with 71, 79, 77 (night Jumper), 75 and 85. Now with Peter already taking second place in round 1… all I can say to the other competitors in the 2018 Top End Barra Series is… it’s time to wake up!

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First round of the 2018 Top End Barra Series.

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First round of the 2018 Top End Barra Series.

Last weekend, the first round of the 2018 Top End Barra Series (TEBS) took place at Shady Camp. Shady Camp resonates for many Top End fishos as the place to go if you want to be in the chance to land the barra of a life time and this was certainly on the mind of many of the TEBS competitors. But this year proved to be hard fishing for many, and only one barramundi reaching the magical Metre mark was caught. Dwight Sheppard did very well with his 100cm fish being right on the mark. The weather was hot, and the water in Love Creek for example was at 33.9 degrees. Is this perhaps what made it hard for many to find the illusive barramundi? Who knows? But it is a fact that for some it was a difficult weekend.

In the ‘needs to be mentioned category’ was a gigantic blue salmon of 78.5cm, caught by Mitchell Rider which was built like an absolute tank. This beast had the jaws of a bulldog. I was lucky enough to witness the capture and release of this impressive capture, and I can assure you that it pulled like a road train on nitro. Two other worthy catches were a couple of massive Queensland Groper (by both Evan Dixon and Morris Pizzutto) with one of them measured at 1.15 Meter. There is some contention about whose was bigger 😉 One can only wonder if such big fish are on the return since the professional fish netting moved on or perhaps this is for some other reason unbeknown. Another out of the ordinary captures was a small croc, which snatched a lure. It is not known if the surprised angler ever got her lure back… Also heroic was James Mitchell, who was fishing the Wildman, and on return helped a fellow Tebsie out by towing them halfway back to the ramp. Apparently he reached speeds close to 40km/h.

Here are a few statistics for the angling nerds amongst us. Of all the barramundi reported during the round there were approximately 90 in the 50s, 30 in the 60s, 30 in the 70s, 20 in the 80s, a dozen in the 90s, and the two big girls over the metre mark. Some nice Threadies were caught too, and I heard of a few big cat fish, but it is usually rather hard to see photographs of the latter… Still the system seems to be in good health, with some impressive catches over the weekend.

Some fish were caught on hard body lures, others on soft plastic, everything from old Nilsie Invicibles to the recently released Reidy’s C-Kar Vibe. On the troll or casting. James Park shared an interesting technique for the tech savvy, marking fish on the sounder, and dropping soft vibes straight over them.  We can’t really determine a real pattern. Many of the happier anglers were the ones who did the miles. These fishos head straight from the Shady Camp barrage, to places like the Dead Forest and upper reaches of the Wildman. Taking out the top three was in third place: James Mitchell, in second came Peter Cooper, and the title of round winner went to Shane Moon, a talented angler who has already claimed the title of Top End Barra Series Champion a number of times. To win this round Shane caught a huge bag of fish made up of a 77cm, 82cm, 91cm, 93 and a 96cm Barramundi. Some familiar faces are in the top twenty and plans are being hatched for round two when we again convene on the mighty Daly River.

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