Author: Rossco

Round 1 Information

Top End Barra Series 2016 Round 1 kicks off at Shady Camp at 6am on 5th of March and end at 6pm on 6th March. Good luck to all involved and most importantly I hope everyone has a great weekend. The Shady round is a challenging...

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TEBS 2016 Round 1 Boundary Information

Hi, this is the 1st bit of info for Round 1. You are able to fish within the confines of the attached map as well as in the fresh water side of Shady Camp and for those who prefer a shorter run, the Mary River bridge lagoon....

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Venue 2016 TEBS 1st Get Together

Glenn previously advised that the 1st TEBS get together would be on Thursday the 25th February. I have booked an area in the wet season marquee at the Darwin Ski Club for the 25th. Glenn and myself will be at the Ski Club from...

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